InfiNet Wireless公司参加了GITEX-2015展览会

InfiNet Wireless公司是宽带无线接入系统主导制造商,2015年10月18-22日在(阿拉伯联合酋长国)迪拜本公司参加了第35届海湾国家信息技术国际展览会“Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) 2015”。

InfiNet Wireless 遍及每个家庭


InfiNet Wireless产品防雷的最高水平已确认由独立的试验。

InfiNet Wireless公司是俄罗斯宽带无线接入电信级开发商和制造商,宣布推出AUX-ODU-LPU-G千兆位的外部防雷模块成功完成许可证测验综合。

Gulf of Finland Request InfiNet Wireless’ Ground Breaking Solutions to Aid Vessel Communications

InfiNet Wireless, the leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has today announced the deployment of its exceptional wireless solutions within the icy Gulf of Finland. InfiNet Wireless’ solutions will be used to create a modern technological wireless network within the Gulf, with the project being carried out by communications experts Geyzer-Telecom.

InfiNet Wireless's success at SviazExpocomm-2015

InfiNet Wireless participates at the 27th SviazExpocomm International Exhibition for Telecommunications, Control Systems, IT and Communication Services, held from May 12 - May 15 2015 in Moscow, Russia

InfiNet Wireless公司召开年度合作伙伴“Infinet Wireless-2015”会议

2014年InfiNet Wireless 合伙网广泛了,包括其中拉丁美洲、澳大利亚、非洲、欧洲的新区。今年本会议在马耳他举行,这些活动包括来自35个国家的一百多人。

City of Kaposvàr, Hungary puts ‘eyes on the streets’ using innovative wireless technology approach

The city of Kaposvár, one of Hungary’s major cities and the county seat of Somogy County, Transdanubia, today announced the completion of the first major phase of its city-wide monitoring project using CCTV and broadband wireless technologies supplied by InfiNet Wireless, and implemented through InfiNet Wireless’s local Hungarian partner Sinus Networks.

InfiNet Wireless launches a renewed design of its corporate website

Based on a more modern and contemporary design and created using the latest web technologies that allows site visitors to use the whole gamut of text, graphic and video information, the new website aims to dramatically improve the user experience to customers and visitors to the site.