Quanta 5

A brand new cost effective Point-to-Point solution based on Octopus SDR platform

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Quanta 5 is a brand new record-breaking spectral efficiency 5 GHz Point-to-Point solution with an impressive performance of up to 650 Mbps in just 56 MHz of spectrum. Quanta 5 offers a unique combination of high performance, affordability and ease of installation.

Quanta 5 is a fully future proof as it utilizes Octopus SDR platform that allows to bring new PHY, MAC and upper layer features via a firmware upgrade even for the units operating in the field

Quanta 5 can be deployed in a diverse range of applications, from backhauling for Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE base stations to CCTV and video-surveillance infrastructures. It can also provide Internet access to remote locations.

Octopus SDR Platform

InfNet’s latest SDR platform has been designed based on a Software-Defined Radio technology aimed at increasing link performance several-fold. Addressing challenges such as limited spectrum availability, growing interference challenges and demands for yet more capacity, Quanta 5 combines the best features from the well-proven Infinet Wireless R5000 and XG families as well as numerous cutting-edge wireless breakthroughs.

Frequency Bands

  • 4.9 — 6.0 GHz


  • High capacity backhauls for mobile operators and service providers
  • Full-fledged fibre/FSO/mm-wave systems replacement, extension or backup
  • High-capacity "last mile" access infrastructure
  • LOS and NLOS macro- and small-cell LTE backhaul
  • Connecting clusters of CCTV cameras to the monitoring centres
  • Rapid deployment of network infrastructure

Key Features and Highlights

  • Based on a Software-Defined Radio technology
  • Exceptional cost effciency
  • Optimal performance in all operational conditions
  • Effective interference mitigation techniques
  • Ease of Installation
  • Robustness

Quanta 5

Exceptional Cost Effciency

The Quanta 5 solution offers significant cost savings when compared to other cabled and wireless solutions available in today’s marketplace. It is the first product from Infinet Wireless designed primarily for the SOHO market and small service providers.

Optimal Performance in all Operational Conditions

Quanta 5 supports 14 modulation-coding schemes, which makes it easily distinguishable from other solutions. Even when operating in high interference environments, Quanta 5 dynamically selects the most suitable MCS for each polarization, and ensures the delivery of all packets transmitted using an advanced ARQ algorithm.

Interference Mitigation

Quanta 5 has a number of built-in interference mitigation techniques. The Instant DFS technology allows automatic frequency channel change in case of congestion or radar detection, all achieved with zero outage. Thanks to its support of H-FDD (also known as split-frequency mode), it identifes and selects uplink and downlink channels independently.

Ease of Installation

Quick and ease of installation reduces feld deployment costs and facilitate rapid service delivery.


Guaranteed and stable connectivity even in the most adverse weather conditions, including extreme temperature ranges from -40° to +60°C, thunderstorms and wind speeds of up to 160 km/h.


避雷装置避雷器AUX-ODU-LPU-G 避雷装置避雷器AUX-ODU-LPU-G

AUX-ODU-LPU-G 是InfiNet Wireless产品,外部避雷装置避雷器(LPU - Lightning Protection Unit,是为了能够承受最恶劣的使用条件,为了保护设备内部或外部被雷击造成的突然电源浪涌,而设计的。

带避雷注入器以太网浪涌抑制器AUX-ODU-INJ-G 带避雷注入器以太网浪涌抑制器AUX-ODU-INJ-G

AUX-ODU-INJ-G是带避雷以太网浪涌抑制器,兼容 InfiNet Wireless 全系列设备。不需要安装单独的电源注入就是本设备与AUX-ODU-LPU-G 的 区别。

一套MONT-KIT-85紧固件 一套MONT-KIT-85紧固件

一套紧固件包括在标准供货范围内。用该紧固件,设备安装很简单可靠,持此意外, 可以调整装置两个平面的位置。

IDU-LA-G(V.01)  室内供电避雷器 IDU-LA-G(V.01) 室内供电避雷器

IDU-LA-G(V.01) 是一款室内PoE电压转换器,通过双绞线供电到Infinet设备。

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