• Reliable, high-capacity network to enable communications between HQ, Branch Office and several remote divisions and warehouses
  • Lower total cost of ownership



  • Up to 150 users of IBN Sina now benefit from reliable enhanced connectivity and the Internet with minimal latency
  • Improved company's efficiency and delivery times of data transfer between offices
  • ROI within some months of initial investment in Infinet Wireless
  • Higher employee satisfaction, productivity & improved overall company performance  

IBN Sina Group LLC is a business group that has been part of the evolution of retailing and distribution of health products in the Sultanate of Oman. IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC has been in the forefront of providing healthcare solutions to the people of the Sultanate since 1974. IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC aims to support the citizens of Oman, using modern and consumer-friendly methods in an environment that fosters learning and encourages positive outcomes. 

The need of IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC was quite simple and clear: to establish a reliable, high-capacity network for enabling communications between the Headquarters, the Branch Office and several remote divisions and warehouses. Secondly, IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC needed to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to manage the infrastructure, taking into account expenses and return on the investment.  

The core intention was to develop a completely new wireless infrastructure to include several corporate buildings into a single LAN network. Given the distance between those multiple locations, a cable solution was definitely not an option for IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC; in fact, for locations with a distance exceeding 1 kilometer between them, not many options exist. The main one is referring to the Internet service provider, choosing regular Internet, and consequently having in return some drawbacks, such as the high latency and less effective performance. 

Another alternative variant is the leased line, which is excessively costly and can provide a relatively low ROI. Extending LAN to buildings is extremely expensive as the services are being provided in the scope of a commercial contract. Regular Internet cannot be implemented as well because the used applications require low latency, which slows down all the ongoing efforts for upgrading existing infrastructure. 

Internal users and customers, being physically located in different places, were identified as the target group for the solutions deployed. In total there were 2 buildings and 3 warehouses, each located within a distance from 1 to 3 kilometers from the others, and 150 people in the entire network. One of the significant goals was to provide no less than 100 Mbps throughput to connect all the remote locations to reach everyone working in the same network. 

While considering different providers of solutions for this project, IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC admitted that there were not many options to choose from. As the area where all the premises are located is surrounded by mountains, the service provider gave IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC only one solution with which they could set a target and speed up the throughput. When Hussam Technology Company LLC (HTC), a leading ICT solutions company in Oman and a trusted Infinet Wireless partner, which specializes in doing business with private clients, introduced vendor's solutions to IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC, the client decided to give it a try, especially after taking few core facts into consideration, specifically, Infinet products are widely deployed in Oman, thus boosting the management’s confidence with reference to the proximity. 

The most surprising fact of this requirement was the deployment of the Point-to-Point radio links using the most versatile yet flexible Infinet Wireless solutions, InfiLINK 2Х2 and InfiLINK XG. It was done in no time, against the IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC's expected longer period. 

The business benefits of building a network using Infinet Wireless solutions were inarguable. In a situation such as IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC was in, there are always compromises to be made, such as latency in transferring important data, throughput, etc. So by having all the establishments connected with Infinet Wireless solutions, IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC enjoyed benefits such as better performance, especially compared to what they could have had, at a reasonable price – exactly what the management was looking for. The commercial benefit of the project is more than visible, as ROI here counts for 3-4 months, not 3-5 years, as it's usually predicted. 

In addition, the successful outcome of the project is backed up by 150 users benefitting from the smart connectivity, which comes at a modest price with minimal latency. The company also managed to improve the efficiency and delivery times of data transference between offices. The sum result is higher employee satisfaction and productivity and improved overall corporate performance.  

The Infinet Wireless solutions ideally fit the requirements of the IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC, as they are strong and steady enough to provide robustness and reliability, while operating in a mountainous area,” comment Anand D. Prabhune and Rajesh Nair, technicals specialists of Information Systems Department at IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC. “The easy-to-manage solution is exceptionally cost-effective, ensuring profitable use of budget and complete elimination of connectivity issues,“ they conclude. 

“Implementing Infinet Wireless solutions for connecting all the IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC nearby premises is truly unprecedented,” continues Mithilesh Singh, Information Communication Technology Director at HTC. “These magnificent products, operating smoothly in quite complicated terrain conditions, proved once again their beneficial nature”, he summed up.

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